In today’s world of software integration, there are many applications that can be used by small businesses for little or no money.  Here are three that you can implement quickly.

Google Apps – email, calendars, simple webpages, and the sharing of documents among your staff members.

For business organizations that have fewer than 50 employees, there is a completely free version of Google Apps that lets you use your domain name for email addresses without investing in a major email server.  Make your email addresses look professional, like you are a substantial business.  And you can take advantage of shared documents and calendars.

If you are a little larger, you can pay a small annual fee for each participant who uses the app.

WordPress – a free blog.

Every business needs a blog as a part of its marketing communications.  Simply set up a free WordPress blog and start putting out those missives to your customers, prospects, and associates.  Let everyone know about the blog using your Google Apps email system.

If you want a more complex blog, or if you plan to sell advertising on the blog, there is a fee-based version.

Facebook – a free way to keep your customers up to date.

Although Facebook is not normally considered an app used in your software integration plans, it should be included in your marketing plans.  Set up a fan page and post information about your business.  While Facebook is free, you can economically purchase highly-targeted clicks to drive people to your fan page.

What problems do you want to solve?  There are many other applications that can help your operations.  We can help you evaluate and set them up.  Give us a call at (212) 461-3300.

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