Now is the time to switch over to voice over internet protocol technology (VOIP).  Some of the more popular services include Skype, TPad, CallCentric, PcCall and Yahoo Voice.  Many businesses utilize VOIP services in place of more traditional phone systems for a number of reasons:

1. The quality of service and audio is improving every year, and today VOIP services are sometimes even superior to traditional landlines.

2. Because operating costs are considerably lower than traditional phone companies, telecommunications costs as a whole are often reduced.  Certain associated costs – separate networks for data and phones, employee turnover – are also eliminated with VOIP services.  VOIP offers a flat rate for phone service and there are often no long distance charges to burden one’s budget.

3. With VOIP services, users can benefit from the mobility of this phone system.  We can take our laptops or phone systems with us anywhere we go and are thereby always connected to employees, clients, etc.  A number of VOIP services forward voice mail and faxes to email inboxes as well.  VOIP services also offer virtual phone numbers, have automatic reading capabilities, and can ring on multiple devices which eliminates phone tag between users.

4. VOIP services are constantly evolving to benefit the consumer in numerous ways.  For example, as wireless internet is becoming more desirable and available, some phones let users use the VOIP service whenever they are near a Wi-Fi network, which saves money on cell phone charges in turn.  Single IP networks, which VOIP services provide, can also support the growing, popular field of video conferencing at a high quality level.

5. VOIP also has a strong and well protected security system that prevents hackers from intercepting calls.

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