The phone rings again.  From the caller ID display, it’s easy to tell that this time it’s an executive officer who is calling.  The network is down again, and now the boss wants to know what’s going on.

Unfortunately, far too many IT leaders get this call.  Despite their best efforts, the inhouse IT services staff often cannot handle the volume of requests for new installations, let alone network upgrades, broken device troubleshooting and routine maintenance.  Staggered shifts and six-day work weeks just do not seem to resolve the growing volume of requests.  And before you know it, a catastrophic failure occurs on a network switch and you are in hot water.

On one hand, it’s good that your business is growing enough to have IT problems — and staff. But a network or PC shutdown means one thing: Employees aren’t working, and you aren’t making money.

Before this disaster occurs, you should consider the resources available from a managed IT services company. The resources and staff available from a managed IT group can supplement–or sometimes replace–internal resources.  A well-trained staff can put the fires out quickly and effectively.

Managed services companies can take a proactive approach by reviewing your existing needs and infrastructure, then recommending a plan of action with priorities based on those needs. Through a structured service level agreement (SLA), you can customize the services that are provided so that internal resources can still be utilized for other projects or initiatives, giving you the best of both worlds.

By partnering with an experienced, professional company like NetPlus Consulting, IT leaders can heave a sigh of relief when the phone rings again.  This time, it can be your managed services partner letting you know that all is well and the issue is resolved. So call us today.

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