Just about every business owner would rather focus on making product or providing services than doing their bookkeeping.  That’s the natural focus of any spirited entrepreneur.  Fiscal accounting tasks, such as bill-paying and accounts receivable, are sometimes viewed by the small and mid-sized business owner as a necessary evil.

However, once you start truly appreciating that your company’s cash flow is the best gauge for measuring business success, your viewpoint of accounting functions starts to change.

During a business startup, you research the market and decide if there’s a demand for your product or services.  The next step is to put together a business plan, which includes a financial analysis.  Some small business owners put together a basic spreadsheet at startup, and then continue to use it for managing payables and receivables when the business launches.  Managing such a spreadsheet can quickly turn into a nightmare.

QuickBooks makes the task of tracking income and expenses much simpler.  Bill-paying and AR, as well as functions such as inventory control, employee payroll and reporting are consolidated into a single, intuitive accounting program.

Setting up QuickBooks, though, can be a frustrating, time-consuming experience.  Instead, consider having your accounting system set up by an expert who not only knows the software, but who knows the best accounting practices for your bill-paying and AR.

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