Inventory management can be the most challenging element of any small business accounting system.  What can also be difficult is using computer software that just can’t quite stretch far enough to meet your product-tracking needs. If you’re in that position as a QuickBooks user, you should consider adding Fishbowl Inventory to your software toolbox. It picks up where inventory management in QuickBooks leaves off.

The power and flexibility that Fishbowl Inventory offers make it the obvious choice for businesses that need more control over inventory, especially if QuickBooks’ inventory management tools do not offer the functions that you need.  The decision to add Fishbowl to QuickBooks gives you the best of both worlds, an inventory-tracking system second to none and an accounting system that is the standard.

Setting up such a complex system, no matter how much you need it, can be intimidating.  We at Net Plus Consulting specialize in making the installation of Fishbowl Inventory easy, whether you’re using it as a standalone application or integrating it with QuickBooks.  We can help you at every step, including the import of your data from QuickBooks to Fishbowl Inventory.

We work side by side with you and your team to set up the system, and we follow that with a thorough training program designed for your situation.  We can conduct group training or one-on-one sessions with key individuals to get started.  And we will be there to train new people as you add staff or replace a position.

Finally, we can help design the reporting that you need to run your business more effectively and efficiently.

Let us help make your inventory management easier and more effective.  Net Plus Consulting works with customers nationwide. Please contact us via our website or call 212-461-3300 for a free, no-obligation consultation.