Your QuickBooks files are the lifeblood of your accounting system. They contain everything you’ve entered: records, transactions, everything. Though they rarely are problematic, they can cause lost time and income if they become corrupt, or are too unwieldy.

QuickBooks includes tools to keep them humming along. If you’ve ever called tech support, you may have been asked to use the Verify Data and Rebuild Data commands. While these can help, use them only under a professional’s direction.

Long-time QuickBooks users may have data going back years, and removing unnecessary content can help the program run more efficiently. The Cleanup Company Data tool doesn’t wipe out transactions completely; it summarizes the deleted ones in monthly general journal entries. It will also remove unneeded list entries if you choose.

Here’s how it works. If you’re at all unsure of yourself, do not perform a cleanup. If you’re going to proceed, be sure you have a good backup.

  • Click File | Utilities | Clean Up Company Data.
  • Click the button next to Remove transactions as of a specific date and select a date if you want to retain more current transactions.
  • Click the button next to Remove ALL transactions if this is your choice. Be very clear on what this does.
  • The next screen displays four types of transactions that you may want to delete; read descriptions carefully before deciding.
  • Check the box next to any unused lists you want to remove in the next window.
  • Finally, the Proceed with cleanup window provides a button that will begin the process.

Your business can become more efficient when your QuickBooks files are sleeker. But you’d be wise to get help with this critical process; you can’t afford to lose any active data.

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