You’ve probably heard about QuickBooks’ customization tools.  Perhaps you’re even using them and not calling them that. But if you haven’t examined all of your options, you should. QuickBooks’ flexibility can make your work go faster; help you create more precise transaction forms and give you a much more focused, personalized look at your finances.

There are three primary ways that you can customize in QuickBooks. You can:

  • Alter the fields in transaction forms
  • Add logos and other graphical touches to forms
  • Filter reports in numerous ways

To customize fields, you’d open a transaction form and click Customize | Customize Design and Layout, then Customize Data Layout. A list containing the fields available for your current form are listed on the left side of the window. Check and uncheck boxes to indicate whether you want them to appear on the screen or in print, or both. Click the other tabs in this box for more options.

You can make graphical design changes — for example, adding your company logo — by following the same early part of that process, but clicking Create New Design. Here, you can select a background and add a logo, and change fonts, colors and grid styles. Simple changes in the appearance of your forms (which can be applied across the board) can give your company a more professional, polished image.

QuickBooks comes with standard report templates using a default set of columns, but you have a tremendous amount of control over this. With a report open, click the Modify Report button. You’ll have numerous options here, the ability to specify, for example, the date range, the column structure and the filters that pare down your QuickBooks data to display just what you want.

While these customization tools may seem fairly easy to use, you might need help implementing them fully. Contact Net Plus Consulting at 212- 461-3300, where seasoned accounting experts are ready to guide you through the process and answer all of your questions. We always offer a free one-hour consultation.

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