While QuickBooks comes with a wide variety of stock financial reports, with just a bit of extra effort you can create completely customized forms that will provide more specific and useful insight into your company’s finances. The customization possibilities in QuickBooks are nearly endless.

  • Budgeting – Create a report that compares your actual expenses with your budget. You can quickly and easily find what company-specific budget areas are eating into your profits. Best of all, since QuickBooks is tracking your budget as you go, there is no need to wait until the end of a financial reporting period to find budget trouble areas. Your customized report lets you address issues as they emerge.
  • Specific Customers – Does it seem projects for certain customers are more trouble than they are worth? Instead of relying on supposition, you can study the facts. You can easily pull customer-specific details, analyzing the typical profit and loss of working for specific clients. Compare how much you are billing them compared to past years, or how long it typically takes them to pay their outstanding bills.
  • Job Type – If your company offers a variety of products or services, it stands to reason that you want to focus most of your resources on the most profitable areas of your company. A customized report that helps you pinpoint the areas of your company that contribute most to your profits will allow you to devote additional personnel and resources, while pointing out areas that have room for improvement.
  • Build Your Own – Can you imagine a report that would be useful for your business that you don’t see here? Not to worry – you can build your own! Choose from a variety of categories (date, account, job types, etc.) to suit your needs.

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