Today, more than ever, your website is your company’s public image. As such, it needs to make a statement, inform the reader and present you as the company that they need. Your website design needs to be right.webdesign

Web hosting companies have made it easier than ever to put your company on the web. Along with your account, they offer you web design tools and your choice of thousands of templates. All you have to do is plug in your information and you, too, can have another cookie cutter website, just like thousands of others.

Maybe you’ve got a square peg. No problem. That template will be glad to try and stuff it into a round hole. Or maybe you’ve got lots of pictures to show your potential customers of projects you’ve done in the past. The template might not have room for them. It could be that you want to have a truly informative site, educating your customers. But any pages longer than 300 words run right off the end of the graphics.

A cookie cutter answer isn’t going to get you a truly excellent website. If you want a website that ranks high up in the search results, you need a website with information and graphics that will attract attention. You need an expert in website design, who can not only help you create an attractive website, but who knows how to make that site attract customers.

Net Plus Consulting has over 15 years of website design experience. We can create a site that really speaks about you, who you are and what you offer the customer. Call us at 212-461-3300 and let us give you a free one-hour consultation on how to make your website a success story.

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