Setting up a network of computers to run QuickBooks for your company can be a major task that usually requires the assistance of technicians.  Therefore, you should determine whether this would be really necessary before undertaking the project.  What workday issues would necessitate a computer network to run your QuickBooks program?

It would not be necessary to have your QuickBooks on a network if you didn’t anticipate the need for more than one person in your company to access the company files at the same time.  However, most companies using QuickBooks want to enable multiple users and, therefore, need a network.

Running QuickBooks on a network is the most practical solution because different people in your company, all working on separate projects, will need the vital information urgently, and can’t wait.  Although these people have different jobs in the company, the wealth of financial information in the QuickBooks file will be relevant to everyone.  It would not be practical or efficient to ask people to wait to use the same single computer that holds all this data.

In the space of a single work day, various employees of the company all may have to access different QuickBooks information, such as:

  • payroll and tax figures
  • company income and expenses
  • invoices and sales
  • financial statements
  • inventories
  • project management and job-costing data

Through the data-sharing made available by running QuickBooks on a network, your employees can work together to contribute valuable services to your company.  Employees can enter data immediately available to other employees, such as last-minute additions needed for a presentation.

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