Unless you have an accountant on your staff, the employees responsible for your accounting functions may be in over their heads.  To minimize your ongoing costs, you may try hiring a bookkeeping service, a business that doesn’t necessarily employ CPAs or the equivalent.   Some companies can get by with a reliable person who has a little less in the way of qualifications and experience.

But there’s bookkeeping, and there’s accounting. Bookkeeping services, well, keep your books.  They track debits and credits, incoming and outgoing revenue. But there are laws to comply with, multiple taxes to track and pay, and numerous payroll issues. There’s account setup and maintenance, financial reporting, and auditing. Someone on the bookkeeping level may run into problems that they’re just not equipped to solve.   Or they could run into a task that requires more man-hours than they have available.

That is the time when you need a bookkeeper’s bookkeeper, someone who can handle tasks like full-blown inventories, annual closings with a boat load of post-closing entries, audits, and setup of new bookkeeping modules. You need a well-qualified accounting service.  And that is the function that we at Net Plus Consulting can fill for you. We can easily handle your daily financial workflow, as well as managing the bigger jobs, like payroll and taxes.

We’ll also be there to answer any accounting or systems questions that you or your staff cannot immediately tackle. So if you need help, from actually maintaining your financial books to answering complex questions about your system, give us a call.

Net Plus Consulting is a nationwide service provider.  To get started, check out our website or contact us to arrange a free one-hour consultation.