What could be better than using a #1 software solution? Using two of them. Fishbowl Inventory is a best-selling software package for QuickBooks users who need an integrated solution for inventory management. If this is a major concern in your business and your software toolbox needs more functionality and flexibility, marrying these two will give you a robust, end-to-end inventory management solution.

Fishbowl Inventory can function as a stand-alone component, or it can be seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks to give you a superior inventory control system. Combining these two products results in an affordable and fully functional, powerful business solution.

Fishbowl Inventory lets QuickBooks do more heavy lifting, providing flexibility to handle:

  • LIFO/FIFO/ Weighted Average
  • kit assemblies
  • multiple warehouses
  • serial bar inventory-tracking
  • variable pricing and discounting
  • bills of materials
  • part-tracking and pick lists
  • forecasting and reorder levels
  • automatically-generated purchase orders

This affordable software solution accommodates the scale of your inventory needs, increases efficiency, automates processes, and minimizes inventory losses. It integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, so transactions are automatically updated. This allows a real-time view without the reconciliation, synchronizing, batching, or double input that is normally required between two programs.

Fishbowl Inventory streamlines your operation and maximizes your asset management. And it does so without a major capital outlay. Its advanced inventory capabilities were previously available only if your business had huge financial and labor budgets.

Fishbowl Inventory is a recognized leader in the field, and can help you be the same. Manage your largest asset – your inventory – and your bottom line will reward you. The combination of these two first-class products creates inventory solutions that are indeed happy together.

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