Proper inventory management is an essential part of running a business. Although it is important, it should not require a substantial amount of your time that would be better spent focusing on other areas of your business. Fishbowl Inventory Software allows you to streamline this process and free up your time for other important activities.

Fishbowl Inventory Software integrates with QuickBooks (or can be used as a standalone program) and provides countless features. Here are just five of them:

  1. Order Management – Maintaining sufficient inventory is critical for running a successful business.  Based on past performance and future projections, Fishbowl creates auto-reorder points so you know exactly when to restock an item.
  2. Order Shipping – Each step of the pick, pack and ship process can be managed with Fishbowl.  You can find and organize items in the warehouse; combine or separate orders based on a variety of criteria; print UPS or FedEx shipping labels; and email shipping details to your customers.
  3. Point of Sale – For in-store purchases, you can quickly scan each item and automatically create a sales order, deduct the items from inventory and create a customer receipt.
  4. Robust Reporting – Fishbowl Inventory Software comes with hundreds of reports that you can customize if necessary. You can also create new reports to meet the individual needs of your business.
  5. Cycle Counting – Even with a comprehensive system like Fishbowl Inventory Software, you still need to periodically count items to confirm data.  Cycle counting allows you to do this on a rolling basis, so you don’t have to cease operations to do a full inventory count.

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