If you run a business that has any kind of inventory – no matter how large or small – you know exactly how important it is to effectively and efficiently manage the products and materials in your inventory. The truth is this: How well you manage your inventory directly affects your bottom line – and your livelihood!

In this super-competitive day and age, no business can succeed without keeping careful tabs on inputs and outputs.  Profit margins can disappear overnight if one does not utilize a careful and efficient inventory control system to:

  • Keep track of existing inventory
  • Get rid of old and obsolete inventory
  • Know when and where new inventory is available for purchase
  • Maintaining a balance between having too much inventory and having too little

These issues and others – both seen and unforseen – can quickly and dramatically cut into your profits without an effective, affordable, and intuitive inventory control management system.

Now, such a system is available: the Fishbowl Inventory management solution for businesses.

With Fishbowl Inventory – a powerful add-on to the world-famous QuickBooks line of accounting packages – you gain the ability to:

  • Track inventory at multiple locations
  • Handle hundreds of thousands of parts
  • Track serial and lot numbers
  • Automatically download shipment data from QuickBooks
  • Handle sales orders, purchase orders, and manufacturing processes
  • And more!

Fishbowl Inventory works seamlessly with QuickBooks or as a powerful stand-alone software suite.  Using this program allows you to also avoid paying over $100,000 for an “advanced” inventory control system that is as complicated as it is expensive.

Plus, with Fishbowl, you can drastically increase your ROI and compete with businesses ten times as large – putting your business on an equal footing with any other company in the field.

Call us today to find out how we can help you grow your business – with Fishbowl Inventory.

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