You have a website, and you have been going at it for some time now.  Now may be the time to ask yourself, How is my website working out?   Is it generating leads?  Am I getting traffic?  Is it adding revenue to my business?

You may need to completely review your site.

Is the site clear to the reader, and is it clear what you want the reader to do?

  • Are you getting traffic through the search engines?
  • Does your site function smoothly, or do you need to consider a different web host?

When you design and build your own site, it is very easy to make some assumptions that your potential clients do not make.  What is clear to you may not be clear to them.  Let a third party take a look at your site to see whether they clearly understand what your site is telling them.  Are you using terms that need definition?  Does the site clearly state the next step, how to order or what action the viewer needs to take?

Search engines are critical to finding new customers.  There are people out there that are actively searching for what you are selling.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of making your site attractive to the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) so that when a potential customer asks the right question or searches for the right topic, your site will be shown.  Do you have metrics to know if your site is working effectively?

And are you happy with your web hosting service?  Web hosting will take problems off your desk and make your entire operation more effective.

We at Net Plus Consulting have exceptional design services as well as very competent hosting. We can make your website more effective.

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