In this interactive world, email is one of the most significant ways that you maintain contact with your customers.  Not only are there day-to-day communications, but much of your marketing work is also done through email.  Competent email hosting is absolutely key to your success, and is best outsourced to a competent and reputable supplier.

There are numerous ways that inadequate email hosting can get in the way of running a successful, profitable business. Here are some signs that your current system isn’t working for you:

  • Lost data or emails
  • Inability to deal with unusually heavy volume
  • Insufficient bandwidth and storage
  • Less-than-optimal email software
  • Inadequate mobile options
  • Lack of SPAM filters

How do you find the host, a company that has the ability and staff to address your problems and issues? Look for a firm that:

  • Offers common solutions, like Microsoft Exchange and OWA.
  • Deploys a comprehensive backup protocol, including offsite backups.
  • Has reliable and local support available 24/7.
  • Provides mobile solutions for Blackberry, iPhones and Droid phones.
  • Offers SPAM protection.
  • Can provide local references.  It’s important to evaluate how well the email hosting service responds to the needs of its customers.

The quality of your company’s email hosting will ultimately reflect on you. So your business needs highly competent, experienced service at reasonable rates.

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