Providing remote access to business computer systems has become a standard IT services offering for almost every organization today.  For many, providing access using a virtual private network–also known as a VPN–is a preferred option. These systems use the Internet to bring far-flung employees into the company’s internal network.VPN

The general perception is that virtual private networks provide adequate security and protection for business intelligence and assets.  They have proven to be a less expensive alternative over leased lines or modem-bank connections.  But are these private networks really private?

Because the VPN utilizes the Internet, the performance and stability of this network is not under the company’s complete control.  Therefore, some connectivity issues can occur with a VPN configuration.  The business should set up a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the Internet service provider so that certain performance standards are met.

VPNs are somewhat complicated to configure and deploy.  There’s a variety of network configuration options that can be used and a number of security options that can be established.  Some of these settings can be very casual, while other settings can increase security and encryption to prevent breaches.

Another benefit to VPNs is their ability to be modular and scalable.  While this gives the business added flexibility, it could pose additional security risks if the devices requesting access are not properly authenticated.  The business should work with a well-trained network support staff that can adequately configure the VPN to maintain a high level of security and provide scalability.

While having a virtual private network is beneficial for most organizations, configuring the VPN properly is critical.  The networking professionals at Net Plus Consulting can help your business make the right decision based on the organization’s IT services needs, and then properly secure the network for optimal performance.

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