Cloud computing is Web-based processing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices (such as smartphones) on demand over the Internet.  Benefits of cloud computing IT services for your business are:

1. Cost reductions. Cloud computing optimizes computing resources and delivers efficient utilizations of these resources.  There are also fewer maintenance costs, as there are fewer physical resources such as hardware and internal IT services and staff that would otherwise drain budgets for power and maintenance fees.  In addition, cloud computing lets you do away with server infrastructure expenses.

2. Storage options. Cloud computing allows users to store far more information than with private systems.  Cloud computing is also scalable, in that you can always add more storage or RAM capacity if necessary.

3. Speed and mobility. Users save time with cloud computing.  The time it takes to deploy new applications are considerably less than with private systems.  In addition, cloud computing allows users to access the data at any location instead of within the physical company.  Users are therefore always connected and can access their materials from any location.

4. IT priorities. Instead of worrying about computing issues, IT services and groups can refocus on other more important matters.  Due to the automated nature of cloud computing, IT personnel can focus on more pertinent matters than simply updating software, which is all too often an inefficient use of their time.

5. Redundancy. Even if the primary data center is corrupted or inaccessible, cloud computing offers disaster recovery services so that  servers can be brought up in separate data centers.  With cloud computing, it is almost impossible to lose one’s data permanently.

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