Ask any number of accountants and they will tell you that the most complex part of any small business record-keeping is inventory.  There are frequently thousands of different physical parts that must be reflected accurately in your books.

For each inventory part, individual pieces purchased at different times cost a slightly different amount.  If you do any manufacturing or assembly, there will be some items in process.  If you warehouse, the process of picking and shipping can be a major job.

And you need to forecast how much inventory you will have available.  If you don’t have enough of one item, you can mess up an entire sale, or something does not get assembled.  If you have too many of a specific part, you are unnecessarily tying up cash.

This complexity is why Fishbowl Inventory Software is the standard addition to QuickBooks for any small business where inventory is a part of their operations.  The options that are available to you, the business owner, cover a wide variety of variables and processes.

In light of the complicated nature of inventory accounting and how important it is to your operation, it makes sense that you would formally train your staff to operate the Fishbowl Inventory Software package.  Whether it is a group training session when you start using the software, or one-on-one training as a new person gets added to your staff, we at Net Plus Consulting will ensure that you take total advantage of the features Fishbowl offers.

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