One of the most attractive features of QuickBooks is the range and extent of reporting that comes with the system.  The built-in pre-packaged reports will likely meet many of your needs.

Some companies have specialized requirements beyond that, however.  So the reporting feature in QuickBooks provides powerful customization tools.  You can turn QuickBooks into YOUR QuickBooks by creating custom reports designed with your needs in mind.

Do you need any of these types of reports?

  • Special project reporting
  • Internal cost allocations
  • Unusual work-in-progress
  • Special budget reporting

The creation of custom QuickBooks reports is exceptionally easy.  The report-generation window allows you to drill down into the accounting structure to find precisely the data that you need.  Not only can you create recurring reports, but you can easily generate one-time reports to meet a specific need.  You can, for example, create a unique report for your Board to provide the answer to a current outstanding problem.

You can also export data to an Excel file, where the information can be further manipulated, and where a graphic representation of the information can be created.  Pie or line charts can add to your presentations, explaining the data in an obvious, visual way. Excel is very flexible and powerful, but it can be somewhat difficult to use. We can help.

We have a long history of helping install and support QuickBooks applications.  We can help you make certain that your accounting structure will support your reporting needs, as well as assist you in creating the reports.  Our experience with QuickBooks will help you use the program to the fullest extent possible.

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