One of the most powerful features of QuickBooks is its ability to process payments online. For many years, QuickBooks has provided tools for downloading financial transactions and dispatching bill payments. You may already be doing this.

But QuickBooks offers even more sophisticated ways to move your banking online. Here are two.

  • Merchant accounts. These allow you to accept credit and debit cards, which can help accelerate receivables. Payments are automatically sent to your bank and credited to your account there.  Everything is done online, and transactions automatically become a part of your accounting files without requiring extra entries. Operation is easy. There are fees for this service.
  • Remote Deposit Capture. QuickBooks can apply similar simplicity to the processing of checks. You can scan a check at your place of business and have the electronic data transmitted to your bank for deposit. No more daily trips to the bank. If you don’t have the physical check in hand, you can talk to your customer on the phone and get key information about the check they are using for payment.  Enter the data in QuickBooks, and it will process as if you had the physical check to scan. Fees apply to this service, too.

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