If you own a business, consider the impact that a major disaster could have on the work you do. Natural disasters like fires, floods and tornadoes, and computer-related problems like viruses and hacker intrusions can cause huge problems for your business. The best thing that you can do to prevent losses from occurring in the event of such disasters is to have a solid disaster recovery plan in place.

Below are four steps to consider when creating a disaster recovery plan:

  1. Know the Risks: Understand which disasters your business is most likely to encounter. Are you located in an area that is prone to flooding? Is the kind of business that you do in a field that is prone to fraudulent hackers?
  2. Assemble A Disaster Recovery Team: Assemble a group of employees who know your business and cross-train them, so that they are well-prepared to carry out specific tasks in the event of a disaster.
  3. Prioritize Critical Business Operations: Which operations are vital to the proper functioning of your business? In today’s world, you will most likely need some form of online storage and backup. You will probably also need your security system (antivirus/malware programs) restored very quickly.
  4. Establish A Temporary Working Location And Prepare For  Hardware/Software Replacement: If you plan to continue doing business, you will need a temporary location immediately. Can you book a hotel for employees? Can the employees work from home? If your computers will be out of commission for awhile–or worse, if they’re gone–how quickly can you get new systems? What software will you need? Where’s your data, and how will you get it back?

We Have the Business Services You Need

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