Are you looking for an easier way to manage QuickBooks without increasing your hardware footprint and IT staff costs? If so, you might want to explore QuickBooks hosting, a practice that we at Net Plus Consulting do affordably and well.

When you let us host QuickBooks from our location, you get the exact same functionality as if you had installed the software locally. The screen looks the same and the program works as well as when running direct from your network. You have the same instant access to company information, and you can go about your QuickBooks workday like you usually do.

Another advantage to managed hosting is that your IT costs become predictable monthly operating expenses rather than large capital expenditures. This frees up money to invest in other revenue-producing projects, such as marketing campaigns or staff training.

Other benefits include:

  • Mobility. You’ll have remote access 24/7 via a secure connection from any computer with an Internet connection.
  • Familiarity. The QuickBooks you’ll see at your location is the same one you are used to.
  • Connectivity. Employees in far-off locations can have access to the same data effortlessly.
  • Data integrity. Regular backups will give you peace of mind that your important data is recoverable in the event of corruption or catastrophe.
  • Time savings. Quick setup and zero maintenance.
  • Security. 128-bit encryption, firewalls, and virus protection.
  • Flexibility. You’ll be able to run several versions of the program, including Pro, Premier, and Enterprise Edition.

Hosting QuickBooks with us will allow you to focus on your business instead of your network or IT issues, and afford you peace of mind.

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