Wish QBO had the ability to do Job Costing without workarounds?  QBO Labs just released Projects! Take it for a test drive

Setup Projects in Labs

  1. Click the Gear, and then QuickBooks Online Labs.
  2. Turn on Track Projects in Labs.
  3. If you want to track Time or Items, go to Settings to turn these features on as well.

Note: Projects in QuickBooks Online isn’t ready for your mobile yet, so please use your computer for Projects.
Create and track your projects

Set up your first project

  1. Click Projects from the menu.
  2. Click Add your first project.
  3. Name the project, and select or add a customer.
  4. You can add a note now or later, and then Save.
  5. You’ll see your new project card. Go ahead and click it.
  6. Let’s add an invoice to your project.
    1. Go to Add to project, and select Invoice.
    2. The Project name will pre-fill, so just enter your invoice as usual, and then Save.
  7. It’s easy to add other transactions to your project.
    1. Go to Add to project and choose an Expense (Or InvoiceInvoice paymentExpenseEstimate, or Time.).
    2. Enter the vendor/supplier’s name, fill in the details, and also include the Project name just to the right of the line amount.
    3. Click Save.

Add a transaction to a project outside of Projects

  1. Open global create (+), and choose Invoice.
  2. Pick the project from the Customer/Projects drop-down.
  3. Add your invoice info as usual.
  4. Remember to Save.

Run Project-specific reports

  1. Select the project.
  2. Click any of the reports (Transaction List, Project Profitability, Non-billable Time or Unbilled time and expenses).
Note: The more transactions you assign to your project, the more insights you’ll see in the reports.