“I began working with NetPlus and Michael after using a large corporate tax services company that did little else than file my taxes and whenever I tried contacting them, always left me feeling invisible and unimportant. In searching for a company that would better fit my small-biz needs, I began working with NetPlus. Michael met with me in-person for the first meeting and patiently explained to me the services that they offer and happily answered all of my questions (and I’m the type that has a lot of questions). To this day, they quickly and happily respond to all my emails and phone calls with any questions I might have. They also set up QuickBooks online for me and do all of my bookkeeping for me on a quarterly basis. All that I have to do, is simply take periodic looks at QBO to know what’s going on with my business. They take care of all the time-consuming, and annoying, legwork. I feel like a valued and important client, working with NetPlus. I also feel safe, from a business perspective, knowing that they are on top of all of my bookkeeping for me. This has not only saved me valuable time, but brought a peace of mind, that has allowed me to concentrate on other aspects of my business. Because, when running a small business, we need to wear many hats, but some hats we can outsource! And I truly feel confident that Michael has got the bookkeeping and accounting portion of my business under control at all times. Honestly, hiring NetPlus is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business!”