Though you might have your own company training programs, there may come a time when you want to bring in a professional trainer. These experts’ experience can bring numerous benefits to your company by making a group training session a truly engaging learning experience.

Here’s why.

  • Specialized knowledge. Even the most well-informed leader can’t keep current with every business innovation. Bringing in someone who specializes in a certain software program or sales technique will give your employees comprehensive, useful knowledge. Training professionals have up-to-date information and first-hand experience that you may not.
  • Improved focus and participation. Have you ever sat through a training exercise, daydreaming instead of listening to the speaker? It’s hard to avoid the rote nature of these sessions, but utilizing a professional trainer’s vast experience results in more effective, polished, and dynamic presentations. Their experience in running similar training sessions regularly gives them a significant edge in connecting with the audience, and makes it more likely that your employees will retain the information offered.
  • Objectivity. The outsider status of professional trainers can be highly valuable to your company. With no personal agendas, trainers can bring an unbiased point of view to the session, allowing more effective analysis of what your company does well and what training can help improve. Absent any personal histories with your employees, trainers can interact and teach without the complicated interpersonal dynamics that might exist if one of your own employees was running the training.

We can help meet your training needs. At Net Plus Consulting, we offer live instructor-led classes in applications like QuickBooks, Fishbowl Inventory, and Microsoft Office. We provide laptops for in-class use, and we’ll give you take-home materials. You’ll take online tests to gauge your comprehension; upon passing, you’ll receive a certificate. Call us at (212) 461-3300, or visit our website.


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