Email services are a critical element of any business. Lost or tardy email can translate into annoyance and inconvenience at best, and lost potential or repeat business at worst.

Your company may be large enough that you can support your own email hosting. Many businesses, however, rely on email hosting services. There are numerous options. But finding the right email host, one that will ensure the safety of your email and be responsive to your needs, isn’t always easy. email

Here are three clues that tell you it’s time for a new email host:

  • You get a lot of spam in your inbox.

Your email host should filter spam effectively, and you should not see a lot of it unless you look in your spam or junk mail folder. 100 percent accuracy is difficult, though. You don’t want the filter set so high that you’re losing a lot of valid emails. Spam filters aren’t perfect, but they should grab a lot of junk.

  • Your emails don’t reach their destination.

This can be difficult to gauge. If responses to your emails are infrequent or non-existent, spot-check them with phone calls or request receipts as a test. IT people at some companies just don’t let certain domains through, so if your domain is targeted by numerous recipients, it’s time to switch.

  • You cannot send or receive emails because of errors or attachment limits.

Error messages that say you have exceeded an attachment size limit or other restriction are also a sign of a poor email hosting arrangement. Although these limits were common in the early days of email, today’s systems should be able to handle large attachments and other resource-intensive tasks.

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