Is your company still using a “sneakernet?” Are your employees wearing out shoe soles walking files around the office? Then you may be a good candidate for a network. This could be as simple as a Wi-fi system or as complex as a local area network (LAN).

Here are three signs that you need a network.

1. You have multiple computers.

As the number of computers increases, a LAN provides a means to interconnect them, enabling the exchange of information. Also, several computers can even share the same printer.

A LAN-equipped business can also install a rack of servers. This lets employees use sophisticated client-server technology to access either local databases and software applications or those located outside of the company premises.

2. You need to share resources.

People work together more efficiently when they understand what everyone else is doing. A network provides a means for employees to share files, view co-workers’ progress, and collaborate on projects. By permitting access to a file on another computer, a network makes it possible for everyone to access the same files, preventing accidental creation of different versions.

Calendaring software can also help employees arrange meetings by “seeing” everyone’s schedule. Private e-mail and network messaging can be used to facilitate communications. Messages can also be stored by the company for later reference.

3. You’re concerned about data protection and privacy.

A network makes it possible to back up all company data on an off-site server or other back-up system. By installing a company firewall, a network also makes it possible to control access to all  computers and protects them from external threats.

Network benefits are many, but it’s critical that you purchase the right one and implement it correctly. Need help? Visit the Net Plus Consulting website, or call us at (212) 461-3300.

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