Phone expenses can drain a company’s budget.  From long-distance costs to conference calls to the actual headsets themselves, prices can skyrocket in short order.  Thankfully, some relief is available through the use of VOIP.

Serious initiatives began in 2004 to utilize broadband internet access for voice traffic.  Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VOIP, has been adopted by thousands of companies worldwide in the last few years, and has proven to be a suitable alternative to a regular PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

Some advantages of VOIP versus traditional voice solutions include:

  • Significantly lower costs, particularly when you’re making long-distance and global calls
  • Packaged bundles that include internet access, teleconferencing, fax, as well as voice
  • Only one wire/cable is needed for each workstation, so cabling costs are reduced and simpler
  • Users can have handsets that work like traditional office phones, or they could just use a headset connected to a PC or laptop
  • Quality and dependability in many areas has become even better than regular PSTN services, and this is only expected to improve
  • Open source systems and platforms provide the ability to expand and add new features and services as they become available or as they are desired
  • Secure features such as Wireshark are available that could not be possible over traditional voice networks and devices. Some companies and military organizations are using Voice over Secure IP (VoSIP) for added encryption and security.

We at Net Plus Consulting can help you explore this technology, and transform your traditional voice networks to VOIP without disrupting your company’s productivity.


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