Computer networks can be tricky things – all those layers of software, networking protocols, boxes of hardware, all of them interacting with each other in ways that can be difficult to predict or understand.

Fortunately, you have options when it comes to keeping a local-area network (LAN) running at its best. Network maintenance can be handled inhouse or from afar, by technicians working on-site or by experts working in remote locations. Here’s how to think about it.

Hiring your own network manager brings with it the obvious advantage of keeping a trained individual focused on your particular setup. He or she will get to know the network inside out, and be able to fix and extend it as required. Trouble is, good networking talent is scarce, and hiring the right person can be costly. As a result, this option makes sense only for larger network installations, the kind that will keep an inhouse employee sufficiently busy.

Relying on an IT services firm’s consultants is often the way to go for smaller businesses. These consultants know their networking, and they can get up to speed on your network and its specific configuration in no time. They provide the benefits of an on-premises technician without the full cost. And what’s more, they have backup – other network engineers who they can call on when particularly difficult situations arise.

Finally, there are companies that manage small business LANs remotely. They do this by simply tapping into clients’ networks over the Internet and monitoring their individual elements from afar. The main advantage here is cost. By sharing a centralized network management center across multiple clients, these companies can keep their expenses down and pass along the savings.

Net Plus Consulting offers a variety of network management services. We can help you determine which option would be the best for your business and implement it.

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