No industry has seen its technology improve as quickly as the computer business has for the past 40 years. Every 18 months, according to a rule of thumb known as Moore’s Law, the amount of computing power or memory capacity that a dollar will buy pretty much doubles.

If you have a computer system installed and it’s working for you today, then obviously you know it’s doing its job. But that’s not to say that upgrading your system(s) wouldn’t provide significant benefits. Such upgrades could range from simply installing more hard disk capacity to adding a new server to the local area network (LAN) to swapping out every desktop and laptop for the latest models.

In the technology-driven business world, there’s always more digital information to collect, process, interpret and archive. It couldn’t be any other way, considering that the Internet is connecting so many hundreds of millions of computers, a good portion of which are getting faster every day.

Clearly, installing a faster desktop computer won’t help you type faster. But a faster processor can help when it comes to, for example:

  • processing sales transactions more rapidly
  • looking up customer records in a database
  • running a complex spreadsheet model

A faster server on your LAN can speed up print jobs, too, and make sure email gets delivered more quickly, as well.

More hard disk capacity – perhaps the least painful upgrade available – can make your data safer by making it easier and faster to create backup copies on a regular basis. Likewise, more capacity can keep more information at your fingertips, ready for instant analysis.

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