An item of considerable importance for businesses is the periodic upgrade of operating systems and office productivity software. For Windows users, two recently released upgrades to consider are Windows 7 and the Microsoft Office 2010. While upgrading software on several computers can sometimes be daunting, Professional IT services providers are trained to help you transition.

Upgrading your software to the latest releases provides many benefits, including:

·         Expanded features and functionality

·         Better hardware performance

·         Greater compatibility with other users

·         Bug fixes, and more

So when is the right time to upgrade? Beyond upgrading your systems when software vendors develop major releases, such as the aforementioned Windows 7 and the MS Office 2010 updates, you might also consider consulting an IT services company for an upgrade when:

·         You move your office to a new location

·         You add a significant amount of new staff or a new department which must receive software training

·         You replace existing computer hardware

·         Tech support and security patches for your current version is no longer provided, as is the case with some older operating systems.

If your office is small, with only a handful of computers, and the only software programs used are basics such as spreadsheets, word processing and email applications, then a full-fledged upgrade service by a professional IT services may not be required. Once you enter into networked applications or servers, then calling in professionals is highly recommended.

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