Deciding which accounting software to use isn’t always easy.  Even after you have narrowed your decision down to QuickBooks, you still have to decide which version makes the most sense for your business.  Getting a pre-sales consultation before you buy can help you avoid making a costly mistake.

Whether you use Pro, Premier or Enterprise Solutions, all QuickBooks versions have the following features:

  • Customizable forms like sales receipts and invoices
  • Company Snapshot feature that automatically generates common reports
  • Multiple currency support for international businesses
  • The ability to track back orders
  • Many more easy-to-use features that help simplify running your business

Although there are many universal features among versions, there are also some key differences that you should consider when making your decision:

  • Cost – Enterprise Solutions is the most robust version, and therefore the most expensive.  If you have a small business, it’s more likely that you would use the Pro or Premier version.
  • Reports – The Pro version offers the fewest business reports, while the other two versions offer many more options.  If you require a lot of analytical tools for your business, the Pro version may not meet those needs.
  • Records – Each customer, vendor and employee has his or her own record in QuickBooks.  Pro and Premier set the limit at 14,500, which is often more than enough for smaller businesses.  However, larger businesses may require Enterprise Solutions, which has the ability to add up to one million records.
  • Users – If 3-5 networked users is enough for your business, then Pro or Premier will do the trick (Pro allows only three); if you need more than that, Enterprise Solutions is the best option, as it accommodates up to 30.

There are a number of other factors that you should consider before you make your purchase.  A pre-sales consultation with Net Plus Consulting will give you the peace of mind that you are making the right decision.

Net Plus Consulting is a nationwide service provider.  To get started, check out our website or contact us to arrange a free one hour consultation.